I Know a Place is a series-in-progress documenting places of pleasure and celebration within Toronto’s queer history. It showcases the ways queer spaces and lives have been integrated throughout Toronto over multiple generations, and how essential these spaces are to queer liberation. There is a restorative catharsis in sweating it all off on the dance floor, there is bliss in exchanging flirtatious glances with whomever you desire, there is profound freedom in expressing your identity however you choose. These site-specific installations of archival images in their present-day locations aim to establish an intergenerational dialogue between past and present, and act as catalysts for conversations about memory, archiving, gentrification, and (queer) space.

I Know a Place
August 31 – December 31, 2019
The Gender Conspiracy at the Art Gallery of Burlington


installation documentation by Yuula Benivolski
archival images by Gerald Hannon & Duncan McLaren

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