Toronto: 1 (416) 824-2800
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Jocelyn is an artist working with the still image.

Her photographs quietly explore ordinary spaces, both public and private, industrial and domestic, that reveal an unintentional beauty.  Each tableau expresses a longing for the viewer to reconsider the familiar; to look again, to look closer, at our everyday milieus.  She has eyes for stillness and calm, the spirit of her work is distinctly sentimental, and this practice of tenderly documenting the everyday reveals energies inherent in seemingly inanimate scenes.  Her work encourages the viewer to slow down, to be present, and to seek out opportunities for mindful contemplation in their own lives.

Jocelyn was a student of social psychology before making the transition to working with the still image.  As an arts educator she has worked with a number of vulnerable communities across Toronto, discovering the significance of nurturing artistic agency in others, and for sharing her passion for photography.

Jocelyn is currently based in Toronto, and is available for assignments and commissions at home and abroad.

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