Hi, I'm Jocelyn.

I'm a mellow, goofy, creative documentary photographer with an unquenchable desire to explore, and to share myself with others. I'm a Libra, so I'm a social & charismatic romantic who loves the outdoors. I'm a queer woman invested in social justice. I’m born & raised in the west end of Toronto, where I live with my partner Hannah and my rescue dog Ru. And I can read your tarot cards if you're down with that sort of thing.

My style is organic, unobtrusive, and sentimental. I'm a total sucker for nostalgia. I'm all about capturing the honest and the in-between, because those instances reflect how life actually happens. Life is chaotic, so I try to slow down and look for the sweetness in the small stuff. I make photos in an attempt to prolong the visibility of fleeting moments. My priority is for you to feel comfortable, safe, and to enjoy the process. My goal is for us to create authentic, timeless photos together that you will enjoy and appreciate for years to come.

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The chemistry between us comes first.

You & I appreciate a quality photo, we already have that in common. A shared aesthetic between us is necessary, but even the most exquisite aesthetic is not nearly as meaningful without a shared intention.

My shooting style centres the beauty of simplicity, authenticity, and calm. I believe in celebration, as do you. Celebrating yourself and your community. Celebrating creativity, in whatever form it takes. Life is chaotic and can easily pass us by if we forget to be mindful of those opportunities for celebration. The objective of my work is to slow everything down, and prolong the visibility of those fleeting moments.

I want to document you in your element, as you are. The way your life actually happens. And if that's what you're after, then we're gonna have a good thing going.


*The prices below do not include HST.
*Rates are subject to change, location/permit fees (if applicable), and potential travel costs.

*If you are underemployed, economically or otherwise disadvantaged and require a reduced rate for any service, please get in touch.


I document intimate weddings, elopements, and civil ceremonies exclusively.  (Events with 120 guests or less.)  My focus is to capture genuine, candid moments, primarily using natural light and minimal retouching. Wedding documentation starts at $3400, which includes 8 consecutive hours of wedding day coverage, wedding timeline consultation, and a curated selection of high-resolution photos edited in-house with unlimited personal printing rights.

dream dates

You don't have to be marrying your partner to have nice photos together! Some people have already been together for years, some people don't ever want to get married. The 'dream date' concept is that you & your honey go on a date you would normally go on, whatever that looks like, and I'm there to document it. It's your date, so it looks however you want it to! Dream date sessions last up to 1.5 hours, and include a downloadable gallery of high-resolution photos with unlimited personal printing rights. The rate is $500 a session.


I love capturing the everyday, ordinary moments between family members. My focus is on creating the conditions for more documentary-style, candid moments (instead of strictly posed ones) — and, most importantly, on having fun together! Family sessions last up to 2 hours, and include a downloadable gallery of high-resolution photos with unlimited personal printing rights. The rate is $600 a session, for groups of up to 4 people.

environmental portraits

A strong creative requires a strong visual presence. My specialty is on-location environmental portrait photography, using natural light and minimal retouching. Portrait sessions last up to 1 hour. The rate is $350 per session. For studio-style headshots, please get in touch for a custom quote. Portraits used for promotional purposes outside of your website, LinkedIn page, or business cards require a custom quote.

▽ a queer photographer for the queer community & queer-friendly people ▽


Drop me a line here to get in touch. Tell me about yourself & what kind of documentation you're looking for. Looking forward to connecting with you!

Every time I’ve had the pleasure of being photographed by Jocelyn I’ve walked away feeling brighter than before. Her bubbly energy is contagious and has a way of making you feel utterly yourself when she’s behind the lens. There’s something to be said about a photographer who has the innate ability to make you feel comfortable, safe, and truly disarmed. Her deft suggestions for poses and the way she composes her shots is beautiful to experience. I’ve loved every private session I’ve had with her. I guess you might say she’s helped me find my light. I can’t wait to continue to work with her in the future.

— Vivian Rosas

We had a great family photo session with Jocelyn. She was really flexible and fun to work with and got wonderful shots of even our most camera-shy family member. She captured a very special time in our lives and we treasure the photos.

- Ali, Vic & Luca

We were lucky enough to have Jocelyn do our engagement and wedding photos! Jocelyn does a phenomenal job of making you feel relaxed and comfortable. Many times it felt like she was not even there! Jocelyn took hundreds of candid photos capturing the day and all the emotions we felt. Jocelyn made the photos come to life and you can feel what her subjects were feeling. Having Jocelyn document our special day was the most important and best choice we made.

— James Curtis Welsh & Ian Dyament

Jocelyn and I have worked together on a number of shoots and every time I get the photos back, I'm left in awe of the results. Not only is she delightful to work with, she's really taught me how to be myself when being photographed. Jocelyn's passionate and loves what she does - it's quite obvious! Even though she's behind the camera, you can tell she's smiling when she's snapping away. I feel really lucky to have worked with such a talented photographer and I can't wait to work with her again.

— Wafa Ktaech

Jocelyn Reynolds is without a doubt the most special wedding photographer there is, because she has the soul of a creative genius with the eye of a documentarian. Her photos don't look like typical wedding photos because they aren't -- each is a work of art, capturing the feeling of what it was like to be there, every moment of the day (even the ones you didn't know happened!). Looking through Joce's pictures is exhausting, because you feel like you're there, reliving every second through the vividness and creativity of the photos she takes.

Not only do we now have the greatest wedding photos ever taken, but working with Jocelyn was an absolute joy. She is a warm, easy-going and eminently reasonable human who was an incredibly fun and reassuring presence to have around on our wedding day. Listen, we sat her at our head table because we loved hanging out with her so much! Our recommendation is full-throated and unreserved — Jocelyn Reynolds is simply the best.

— Ariel Lefkowitz & Sarah Friedlander

Jocelyn was such a wonderful presence at our wedding! With her artistic eye, she is equally able to hone in on special fleeting details as she is to capturing the broad spirit of the night. We felt calmed and energized by her presence, and we watched her charm everyone in attendance as well. We felt totally taken care of, she easily captured everything on our list, and naturally came up with so many other meaningful, unique, and personalized shots. She is able to command everyone’s attention for that awesome group shot in a funny and capable way, and she is able to meld into the moment, and you know she isn’t missing anything. The lighting, and the mood in the photos are all magical. Really rich, beautiful colour tones, while maintaining a soft dreamlike quality. She even gracefully included our dog in our photoshoots, and ... our dog is a character. Thank you so much Jocelyn for your beautiful spirit and amazing talents!!

— Simone Collins & Dan Roffey

Jocelyn is a wonderful person and a talented photographer with a unique eye. I booked a personal/private session with her and she walked the perfect line between intimate friendliness and professionalism. She listened to what I wanted and offered her own artistic suggestions for poses and shots while allowing me to act naturally and be myself. She has a calm and reassuring presence, and treats each photograph with attention and care. At the end I didn't just receive a batch of photos, I received beautifully composed works of art.

— Nisreen

Jocelyn captured the essence of our wedding day with an intuitive sense of the details we would want to remember.  She sleuthed around during the ceremony so that we forgot she was there, but the photographs showed that she hadn't missed a beat.  Respectful of our choice to elope and our wish for an intimate day, Jocelyn brought the best vibes and her photographs feel like gifts.

— Julia Cooper & Tim MacLeod

We had the most amazing experience working with Jocelyn. She is everything we could have dreamed of in a wedding photographer. She took hundreds of  beautiful, unique and precious candid shots. Jocelyn's talent for capturing just the right second is incredible. We really appreciated how thoughtful she is in every aspect of her work and how she went out of her way to get to know us. We couldn't have been happier with the experience and the final result. Thank you, Joce!

— Ayla Lefkowitz and Jared Kaminsky

Jocelyn Reynolds is a really amazing person and photographer. She is not the type of photographer to simply communicate via e-mail, grab your shot list, and call it a day until the wedding. She develops a personal rapport with her clients which truly shows through her documentary-style photography. Without hesitation, we can say that she captured our event for what it was - an awesome, unforgettable night that we spent surrounded by people we love. That feeling shines through every one of her shots. We have nothing but love and appreciation to send Jocelyn for her amazing work!

— Steve Richter & Natalie Kaiser

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